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Google Ads: Key benefits and who should use it.

Getting cut through for your business online is ever changing and becoming increasingly more difficult. But one tactic of getting ahead of the pack is to use Google Ads. It’s a powerful and versatile strategy that suits a lot of businesses, but not all – read on to find out all the ins and outs and also our opinion on what sort of businesses benefit the most.

Key Benefits of Google Ads

Precision targeting of your customers. Google Ads is great for targeting your specific customers. You can create audiences based on various factors including location, demographics, special interests, and behaviour. This precision targeting ensures that your ads are viewed by the right people, those most likely to be interested in your product or service. This is a great benefit in maximizing your ad spend.

Super fast results One of the main advantages of Google Ads is its ability to deliver virtually immediate results. Unlike organic strategies such as SEO, which can take many months to show winning results, Google Ads can get your ads in front of your target audience within hours. Invaluable for businesses looking to quickly generate immediate leads or sales from their website.

Flexible spending options Google Ads offers great budgeting options, making it accessible for every business owner, big or small. Using daily or monthly budgets, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. We call this pay-per-click or PPC. This allows you to control your advertising costs and scale your campaigns according to your budget. You can then add more budget when you start seeing the results.

Measurable returns One of the best features of Google Ads is its amazing analytical and reporting tools. You can measure the performance of your campaigns, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and measure your return on investment (ROI) with precision. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions and ensure your ad campaigns are optimised for the best results.

Choices for ad formats to work for you. Google Ads offers a lot of ad formats to suit your marketing goals. Whether you want to drive traffic, create leads, promote a service, or boost sales, there's a format that fits your goals. You can use text-based ads or display banner ads. You can also run video and shopping ads. So many options to choose from.

Remarketing to customers Google Ads enables you to re-engage with previous site visitors through a strategy called remarketing. This is very effective in reminding potential customers of your brand and encourages them to come back to the site and make a purchase Remarketing can significantly improve conversion rates and should be part of your sales strategy.

A local business focus Google Ads offers geotargeting capabilities for businesses that work in a local area. By targeting users in specific locations, you can ensure that your ads are seen by potential customers in your location, making it easy for them to come in and purchase from you. This is very useful for businesses like restaurants, retail stores, and service providers operating in the local area.

Who Is Google Ads Best Fitted For? Google Ads is an excellent choice for a wide range of businesses and brands. Here is our take on who should consider using it as an advertising strategy:

Small Businesses: Small businesses can benefit from the precise targeting options and spend control that Google Ads offers. It allows them to compete effectively in the digital marketplace.

E-Commerce Stores: A no brainer. If you are selling online then Google Shopping Ads can help drive traffic and create sales direct from search results generated by a ready to buy customer.

Service Providers: Service-based businesses, such as legal firms, healthcare providers, and consultants, can use Google Ads to generate leads and attract clients. Having a presence on search will help drive extra traffic to complement your other marketing activities.

Local Businesses: Restaurants, local shops, and service providers such as plumbers or electricians can leverage geotargeting to connect with nearby customers and boost calls for bookings and services.

Startups: If you have come up with something people want but there is no brand awareness, then ads are a great way of arriving in front of instant buyers of your products or services. It’s quick and reliable.

Google Ads is a highly effective advertising platform that offers many benefits, from precise targeting to immediate results and flexible budgeting. It's a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, offering opportunities for growth and success in the digital marketplace. Whether you're a small business owner, e-commerce entrepreneur, or a local service provider, Google Ads can be a powerful ally in achieving your marketing objectives and driving sales. If you’re looking for some help with a Google Ads campaign then get in touch with us and one of our Brand Growth experts can work out the best option for your business.


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