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We approach every job and project at Forever Brand Agency with strategic-led thinking. To ensure the best possible outcome for your marketing activity and marketing budget spend, we like to do the right thing, and actually create a plan that works.


Our Brand Strategy team will be able to work with you to ensure that whatever goals you have, we can come up with the plan to make them happen. This is always our first port of call on any project, and it happens way before the rubber hits the road.


We can break strategy down into several areas but each one is as important as the next. Whether you are creating a new brand and need to differentiate, or you are looking at how your marketing budget can be best spent throughout the year, we have a strategy that will work for you.

Brand Strategy

This is our first love. Brand strategy, it’s the foundation of all marketing. Building a solid brand strategy will give you all the insights you need to carve out a piece of the market. It will position your brand in front of the competition and it will shape the way people connect with your brand. Building a brand that has a human personality that connects with the emotions of the customers and makes them fall for you and come back for more. It’s so much more than a logo, and this strategy and positioning will shape the visual brand.


Our Brand Strategists will workshop with you to fact-find all the information we need about you, your business, your customers and your competition before doing the hard work of putting it all together and then moving into the creative process.

Marketing Strategy

You've got your brand created but want to start looking at the best places for it to be seen. Our Marketing Strategy sessions are designed for just that. We take a deep-dive into your brand and work out the best way to go marketing for new business. Whether it’s a new way of communicating, a channel choice for talking to the customers or a strategy that brings in more leads for you to nurture and convert to customers – our Marketing Strategist can work with you to create the best possible direction for you to reach customers and look at ways to start growing your brand.​This is a great place to tell users a story about your website and let them know more about what you offer. You may want to share information about your company's background, your team, or the services you provide. Be sure to keep the tone and voice consistent throughout the site so users become familiar with your brand.

Marketing Plans

Working to a set plan is easier if it is documented correctly. Our Marketing Strategy team have decades of experience taking brands and working their course of direction over the next year. We can create a calendar of activities based on strategic-led thinking and data to plan out and cost up what your next 12 months might look like. Whether you are online, or thinking broader and bringing in traditional media such as Radio and TV advertising, we can work out the best laid plan for the most realistic budgets.

Digital Strategy

If you have a brand, then it needs to be online. It’s where 9 out of 10 people will find you. It starts with ensuring you know what works, where to spend your budget and using strategy to engage and retain customers when they come to your site. Whether calling you or adding to cart, a well-executed strategy will drive those visitors to take the call to action.


We can create strategic plans that drive traffic to your website, leads from organic through SEO, or click-throughs from Google Ads or Social Media. We know what works and can plan to ensure you’re not spending where you shouldn’t be.


Customers arriving at a website, however they come, will also need to have the best possible experience from the second they land. We call this User Experience or UX, and this is the difference between a site that looks pretty and a site that performs well. Ensuring you have great UX comes down to a strategy being developed around your customer journey, the data and information they are serviced and the ease of use around getting what they want.

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